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We understand the challenges faced by working parents but we also understand the concerns of employers. You want focused, productive employees who can give their best during working hours. The simple fact is, parents who know their children are in a safe and caring environment, receiving a solid educational foundation, are less stressed and can focus on their jobs.


That's why we work with employers of all sizes to help them provide a variety of child care solutions for their employees. From our Corporate Advantage Program to Back-Up Care, we can find the solution that fits your company's needs and budget. Toddler University is open 24 hours 6 days per week; therefore, we can accommodate almost any work schedule that your company offers to your employees!



Through Toddler University's Corporate Advantage Program, employers can offer high-quality care and education to the children of working parents at an affordable price. All companies that participate in the Corporate Advantage program are offering their employees a valuable child care experience, including an inestimable education and a nurturing environment, at a discounted price. There are no administrative fees for companies who are eligible and meet the Toddler University criteria. Participating companies are required to provide information to employees through a number of outlets, including but not limited to their company website, HR benefits listing, approved vendor list, newsletter, email, flyers etc.



As an employer, you gain a significant competitive advantage by offering child care as part of your benefits package—but that's not all. A quality child care solution offers employees peace of mind that can lead to:

  • Increased employee productivity

  • Increased employee morale

  • Increased employee retention

  • Reduced employee stress levels

  • Reduced unscheduled absences and tardiness




Parents who enroll their children in Toddler University through the Corporate Advantage Program can rest assured that their children are receiving quality care from a reputable institution and devote their focus to their work. And there are benefits beyond that.


Preferred Status

As many working parents know, the best child care programs often have waiting lists of up to six months or longer. Your employees will enjoy the privilege of being placed on our Preferred Status waiting list, which is comprised of parents who work for companies that participate in the Corporate Advantage Program. Parents on this list will get special consideration when spaces open up at our center.


Tuition Discounts

Employees will also enjoy receiving 10% off tuition. This can result in savings of up to $900 per year, per child.


Our Extended Hours of Care

At Toddler University, we understand that every parent is not blessed with the perfect 9 to 5 schedule.  Therefore, we are open 24 hours 6 days per week, so that we can accommodate almost any non-traditional work schedule that any parent may have. Whether you work daytime, evenings, or overnights, we are available to meet your childcare needs.



We invite corporations and parents to learn all they can about Toddler University 24 Hour Child Care, including our safety and security procedures, our programs and services and our educational advantage. You may also want to learn about our expanded curriculum, our emphasis on health and cleanliness and our unique approach to child care and early childhood education.


If you are interested in finding out if your company qualifies for our Corporate Advantage Program, please contact: Priscilla Latson

Email: toddleruniversity1216@gmail.com

Or, you may complete the corporate application and return it to : toddleruniversity1216@gmail.com or fax to 770-575-4397



One of the greatest stresses for a working parent who relies on a nanny, babysitter or relative for child care is wondering what to do when the primary child care provider is not available. For most parents it means taking a day off of work to stay home and care for the child.


That's why Toddler University offers a Back-up Care Program. With a back-up care plan in place, parents have peace of mind knowing that safe, reliable child care is always available. This reduces employee stress and unscheduled absences.


We work with each company individually to create and customize a back-up plan. For some clients, this means securing a predetermined number of back-up days in a center or designing an employee co-pay. For others, it means coverage for company functions, staff meetings, Winter and Spring breaks, and school closings. Whatever the need, we will partner with you to provide the solution. For more information, please contact toddleruniversity1216@gmail.com



Holiday and School Break Programs

School breaks often create child care challenges for parents. That's why we offer customized Spring and Winter Break programs for our corporate partners. By offering age-appropriate educational activities for older children, parents can focus on work knowing that their school-age children are having fun and being well cared for in a safe environment even when school isn't in session.

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